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#CLMOOC A Remix Rebellion

A NEW HOPE #ConnectedLearning

It is a period of constant remixing.

For two years a group of makers, teachers, friends, and mentors have gathered to help build a better Web.

The web is under constant attack. Users silo off content under huge empires. Advertisers release free products that slurp up personal data. Governments watch evertyhing you do.

A small group of rebels have gathered to push back. United by a committment to the open web they model what it means to read, write, and participate online.

Using the practices once enshrined in the force of the ancient web this rowdy band hacks together makes, mash-ups, and remixes

Do you want to get involved. Check out the hashtag #clmooc or join us on Google+

The force is strong in all of us. Will you help return the web into the hands of the open republic or will the Empires control it all?

Thanks to @craigbuckler – for writing the code